The Best Flooring Choices for Your Children’s Bedrooms

The Best Flooring Choices for Your Children’s Bedrooms

When considering the best possible flooring choices for your children’s bedrooms there are a number of factors that you will need to consider. Perhaps the very first of these must be the fact that their space will need to serve as far more than a mere location for them in which to sleep. With this in mind, what you eventually choose to put on their floors could go a long way to achieving the sort of environment that a child really needs and will most appreciate.

Carpets provide comfort, insulation and safety

In most cases, a colourful carpet is likely to prove a pretty safe choice. The colour offers you the means to provide the perfect backdrop for a child’s fantasies and while the brighter reds and greens tend to do the trick for the boys, not too surprisingly, pastel shades are often the stuff of dreams when it comes to girls. The most sensible idea is probably to encourage them to participate in the selection process. Show them all of the options that fall within your budget but leave the final choice to them rather than allowing your own tastes to take charge. It will, after all, be them who will be spending a fair amount of their leisure time, running, jumping, rolling about or just laying on it.

Whilst on the topic of running and jumping, another sound reason why a pile product is likely to be the best flooring choice for your children’s bedrooms is because it offers the further advantage that, in combination with the underlay, it will be serve as quite an efficient soundproof barrier. This can prove to be something of a blessing for the adults who may be seated immediately below them and hoping to both watch and listen to the evening news or enjoy the latest episode of Isidingo. Furthermore, if that youthful exuberance should, as it very often does, terminate in a fall, the chances of any serious injury are pretty remote when compared to a similar impact with a solid wood, ceramic tiled or any other less cushioned surface.

The extent of both the insulating properties and that very useful cushioning effect will be dependent upon the depth of the pile and, in this case, the deeper the better. A cut pile product will provide the required thickness and should stand up well to the relatively minimal wear and tear. In addition, it will provide warmth and extra comfort when they are at play in their favourite location – on the floor. If the room happens to be a bit on the small side, keeping the walls light irrespective of the carpet colour will help to create a sense of space which can be further reinforced by sticking to lighter-coloured furnishings.

Are there any snags when choosing carpets?  They can be susceptible to staining unless suitably treated and need to be vacuumed regularly as retained dust may contain allergens. Also you may have to sacrifice some of the long, soft pile for a more practical weave if it is going to be shared by the family pets.

Vinyl can be a more affordable alternative

In your quest to find the best flooring choices for your children’s bedrooms it is possible that you may need to focus on keeping the overall cost down, especially if you are planning a total makeover. In such cases, modern vinyl floorcoverings are able to provide a very practical alternative to a carpet and has the added advantage that you should be able to install it yourself with very little effort if you are looking for ways to make further savings.

The product of today comes in a fabulous range of designs and colours and vinyl is far softer underfoot than old fashioned linoleum which was made from cloth saturated with solidified linseed oil. Though its insulating properties are not as good as those of synthetic or natural fibre products it is still quite warm to the touch and relatively soundproof when laid with due care. Most importantly, of course, it is far easier to clean, just requiring a quick once over with a damp mop, so the spilled drinks or paint splatters from your aspiring young artists are can be easily dealt with.

Perhaps the best suggestion however is to seek the expert advice of the professionals at Carpet Right before making any final decision on the best flooring choice for your children’s bedrooms.