Looking for Some Workable Master Bedroom Ideas?

Looking for Some Workable Master Bedroom Ideas?

If you are thinking of changing the flooring in your master bedroom, then there are plenty of great ideas but it is important that you take into account, not just any personal preferences or the desired end result, but also the fundamental nature of your space when making plans. Almost every aspect of the existing accommodation has the ability to exert some degree of influence with regard to the most suitable choices and the larger the item or the area concerned, the greater its overall effect. In this respect, the floors, ceilings, walls and windows all need to be carefully considered in all of your decision making as, of course, does the bed.

Perhaps the aspect that will most determine how you continue is the flooring. For a married couple, it is invariably the wife’s taste that prevails and, with comfort and cosiness uppermost in mind, her most likely preference will be for a wall-to-wall carpet. Since this is an area that is generally unaffected by the wear and tear caused by the far heavier traffic in other parts of the home, it provides the perfect opportunity to indulge in the thickest and most luxuriant pile that you can afford. Be careful with you colour choices though, especially in smaller rooms. Select something too dark and you could end up feeling positively claustrophobic, as the darker tones do tend to create the perception of less space, especially if you like a lot of furniture.

The natural lighting should also be considered when planning your master bedroom ideas. Large windows that admit plenty of daylight will work just fine with any of the paler colours but, once again, dark can very soon become dingy in a room where the ambient light is limited. Think carefully too, when you get around to planning the walls and the soft furnishings.

Generally speaking, those combinations that work best tend to rely on harmony rather than stark contrasts. Thus a room in which the carpet is rich cream would work best with paintwork just a few shades lighter or darker and curtains perhaps a little closer to beige. Similarly, for a brighter floorcovering in burnt orange perhaps, sticking with autumn colours, perhaps in lighter shades, will create a complete theme that should, in turn, extend to the bedding.

Male tastes are often very different and motivated more by convenience and efficiency rather than appearance alone. This does not, however, mean that good looing surroundings are not, in their own way, just as important to men. Typically, the bed is likely to have been chosen for its functionality rather than its beauty. This could mean that, in combination with some of the modern laminate flooring that successfully manages to display both qualities, this could create a perfect partnership. Available in a wide range of shades and grains, the wood patterns can be an excellent idea for the more masculine master bedroom.


In addition to their obvious strength and elegance, one of the other major benefits of these composite surfaces is to be seen in the ease with which they can be maintained. A vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp mop and two or three minutes are all you are ever likely to need to keep these surfaces looking brand new and this can be an advantage, even for a couple. The soft and fuzzy touch can be provided by an area rug large enough to provide the desired comfort zone around the bed itself, while the rest of the space remains a low maintenance area.


Incidentally, don’t be in too much of a hurry to rule out patterned carpets. They can work well when they are not too bold and many of the geometric designs can act as a perfect complement to modern furniture.

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